Mitchell has been working with Virtual Reality for over half a decade and lead the way to launch the first multi-user VR experience for Discovery Centres in Victoria, Australia in 2018. Starting out as Junior Designer on Earthlight, which eventually lead him to manage the release of Earthlight: Lunar Hub. Throughout his career Mitchell has been a strong voice for mental health and addiction, as well as a designer, project manager, and mentor for developers in the VR space. Mitchell is currently preparing for his next project in the VR and Games Industry. 

Develop Pacific ‘30 Under Thirty’ (2018)
GDAA's GDC Assist (2017)

Asian Academy Creative Awards  
Best immersive (360, VR) - Australian National Winner Earthlight: Lunar Hub (2018)
Best Immersive (360, VR) - International Winner Earthlight: Lunar Hub (2018)

Australian Game Developer Awards
Game of the Year - Earthlight: Spacewalk (2017)
Studio of the Year - Opaque Space (2017)
‘A Game Beyond a Game’ - Earthlight: Lunar Hub (2018)